• Extra fencing and dogs for Calais
    Extra fencing and sniffer dogs are to be offered to Calais to help deal with the migrant crisis, Prime Minister David Cameron says.
  • Ai Weiwei to get six-month UK visa
    Home Secretary Theresa May orders officials to issue Chinese artist Ai Weiwei a full six-month visa, reversing an earlier decision to restrict his entry.
  • Plaid settles row with Elis-Thomas
    Lord Elis-Thomas will remain a Plaid Cymru candidate for the 2016 assembly election as an agreement is reached to settle the row over his criticism ...
  • Consultation on £95,000 pay-off cap
    Ministers are to consult on plans to set a £95,000 cap on public sector pay-offs, first put forward in January.
  • Bypass brought into public sector
    The construction of the Aberdeen bypass is reclassified from a private to a public sector project, following a tightening of EU rules.
  • One step beyond
    Who’s afraid of Jeremy Corbyn? Not me. Labour people who might vote for Jeremy Corbyn have two possible rationales. One is political. These are the ...
  • A modest (and doubly stolen) proposal
    One of my personal political heroes is former Chilean Minister of Finance Andrés Velasco. Stop looking at me like that. It’s perfectly normal. In case ...
  • Osborne’s gift to Labour
    A National Living Wage. That’s the headline George Osborne’s advisers wanted from this budget, and it’s likely he’ll get it. It’s an audacious raid on ...
  • Liz Kendall for Prime Minister
    I’m going to be putting this blog to sleep for a while.  That’s because I’ve decided to support Liz Kendall for Leader of the Labour ...
  • Together, in the National Interest?
    The Conservative party could cause Labour real problems by making a ‘big, open offer’. They won’t. On May 7th 2010, David Cameron made the smartest move ...
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